What is iLoveSimple?

In a nutshell, iLoveSimple answers THREE main problems readers write to me about:

Managing stress

Choosing the right services and products.

Reducing wasted time

By using Workshops and Business Bootcamps, I’ve given people the tools to make better decisions at home and at work.

Hearing and reading their thank you messages is why I keep coming back each day and why I’m always enthusiastic at the workshops for stress and business.

Why iLoveSimple?

I remember a reporter looking at my bio and asking, “I can’t fit all that into the article – Author, Project manager, Single Dad of 4, Business Coach, background in IT wholesale… it makes me tired just reading them! How would you define what you do?”

I thought for a moment and said, “I’m a BS translator. I translate difficult concepts into bite-sized steps people can actually use. I cut through bulls#!

… I’ve just always been good at making things simple.”

So when things changed from being in a partnership to being numero uno… iLoveSimple was born.

Now I have a wonderful team who help me make life simple for readers and clients all over this wonderful world – I’m always involved because I know that’s what people expect and I never forget where I came from or the wonderful people who pay my mortgage every month!!! 🙂

Thank you!