Learn about my experience with Bitcoin and decide for yourself whether it’s something you want to be involved in.

Bitcoin is everywhere but as I am always cautious about taking on new things just because they are the “the next big thing” it was a year before I found myself falling into a short term investment in Bitcoins so I wanted to share my experience with you.
I had a marketing bill of $1600 due at the end of the month and I was $300 short in the budget. Now I could have dipped into petty cash but it was a hot day and I thought about how I’m always teaching other people to work

Easy Free Tips to Take Some $$$ Kilos Off Your Business

So your business has a few extra kilos?
Leaning down your business should start with reducing wasted time. You’re better to allot free time during the day than to have lapses in concentration rob hours from you and your staff.
Happy staff are productive staff and having simple stress management steps in place that don’t feel like stress management makes a big difference to productivity because no one cans taste the stress management 😉
The second place to lean down is to look at your expenditure and make sure you’re not using a service or product “just because”.
Sometimes it’s damned easy

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Learn why you need to “aim for the back of the net!”

Don’t worry, it’s human nature.
We get filled with hope for the new beginning… add a few drinks and suddenly we have champagne courage – thinking we can do anything… until gravity disagrees!
And reality usually kicks your sorry butt hard before the end of January…
Business plans are like that.
I remember my first big project…
Walking in there and telling a room full of investors, including two experienced accountants, that we needed a better business plan if they wanted to hire me.
I was

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Learn Why a Website is Only PART of the Equation and an App is an Eat-All-You-Can Buffet!

I’ve watched the balance tipping very very quickly in the last 30 months – dramatically faster than in the 15 years before that when I was in my consulting partnership.
Dollar for Dollar and (more importantly) hour for hour of YOUR time invested into an App brings on average 15 times more money than a website. Minimum!
Last year we helped on 87 website projects and 12 App development projects.
The Apps out-performed the websites by at least 15:1
That’s $1,423,000 (and change) from Apps, versus $94,860 in returns from websites in the last year. Yeah, I wish I

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