Bargain Hunting and Making money

This month I’m going to ask you which mode you’re in – saving money or making money and I’ll show you how I have a $98 communication bill.
(There will be a follow-up email on some SCAMs to watch out for in the coming days too)

Bargain Hunting

There are two ways to help your business;
Make money (number two priority)
and saving money (all too often the top priority)
When I was a kid, I had a weird and wonderful hippy sister on one hand who hated hurting the environment a Dad who fixed things instead of allowing them to be thrown out and another sister who would travel 50km to save $10 on designer clothes. Add to that, even now when watching my mother go “Garage Sailing” I can’t avoid the fact that bargain hunting is in my genes.
But – I always took a little longer. Even then I questioned everything…
I was always looking for three things:
  1. Buying cheap fireworks that go pop-fizzle is a waste of pocket money so the first objective was BANG-FOR-MY-BUCK
  2. With all those older siblings having kids; I’ve been babysitting since I was 5 so I quickly discovered the best way to keep the peace is the second, more important objective; Make-it-a-WIN-WIN
    (don’t screw someone’s price into the ground for the sake of it!)
This ONE-TWO combo is the reason I do what I do and why my phone bill is so low. I don’t rush into “special deals”.
Because we work together with the buying power that all of you reading this newsletter provide, we now have wholesale deals on 1300 numbers (call or email me if you need to see if your getting the best deal) and the best retail deals on the rest of what we need.
But Trent, you said three things!
Yessss – Number 3 is the one you all should know off by heart; especially if you’ve been to one of my Shoe-String-Budget Workshops
The ONLY stupid question is the one you are too scared to ask….
Ask for a better deal
Ask “is it less for cash?”
Ask if you group together can you save money.
Before I give you the secret Internet and phone provider(s), I want to talk to you about the most important objective of your business – making money.

Making Money

When the Aussie $ crashed a the beginning of 2015, I heard people complaining about the cost of” target=”_blank” rel=”external” title=”cheap domain name registration” >domain names…. yup, DOMAIN NAMES….
Can you imagine my face?
The dollar crashes and they were worried about spending a few more dollars on domain names …. when the drop in the Aussie $ gives us the BIGGEST competitive advantage if we are SELLING to the USA.
Think about it. The dollar an American business earns now buys almost 50% more for US…
If you aren’t prepared to sell to the USA and you’re interested in selling to the USA rather than complaining about things – I’ll have something big for you soon and the reason why this Newsletter was so delayed.

Back to the secret ingredient to saving money

The retail provider we use? Spintel.
They can customise your mobile, Internet and fixed line costs. If you take a look at their Mobile plan calculator, you will see that even if you get it wrong, you can change the plan for free. So simple and you know I love simple 😉
Now before the maths geniuses catch me out; Yes, I admit I’m cheating because our two mobiles are with Pennytel and unfortunately Pennytel aren’t taking any new mobile customers or I would tell you to jump on them but Spintel adds more-bang-for-your-buck spent by giving you 4G coverage. Once Pennytel stops their old plans, we will be switching over – no questions asked.
No, I don’t make any money giving Spintel a boost (although we can send you a personalised coupon link if you want to signup that gets us both some Spintel credit – just email for the link) but if I save one person in this list $40, 80 or $100/month then it’s worth it
Most importantly – think about how you’re spending money right now on a monthly basis. Spend ONE day this month on checking if you have the best deal on phones, electricity or any other regular bill.
ASK them if you can be on a better plan.
May your fireworks have more bang than fizzle!
– Cheers, Trent

As always, let us know if you need help with any of the suggestions above and all the best for the next financial year!

Thanks for your support this year, I hope we’ve made your business life a little simpler.

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