Bargain Hunting

It can be an addiction.
In the race to save your business money (which should be your second or THIRD objective) it’s so easy to feel invigorated when you get an amazing deal. So much so you can forget how much of your day you just spent to save that $10 on your favourite mouse (that you didn’t really need).
BUT how many times have you snatched up a “bargain” that was so cheap and just thrown it out after a month? Cheap knockoffs don’t have the money for customer complaints or returns and you quickly realise chasing down the money isn’t worth it… So the knockoff iPhone for $200 instead of $1000 is now a $200 paperweight.
I’d rather $200 in Facebook ads!
The same mentality can bring you to outsourcing work you need done cheaply and this month I’ve tested one of the outsourcing trends that’s rising in popularity… AirTasker.
Airtasker (any good?)
‚ÄčAirtasker has been going great guns since they started but the question is – are the only real winners the owners of the new outsourcing startup?
Airtasker, if you don’t know, gives you a way have just about anything done by contacting someone local to do it.
How is it done?
  • You post a job on the website or app and local people apply to complete your task.
  • They have a website and an easy to use App and charge a 15% fee to the person who takes on the task.
  • You can clarify details and then Air Tasker takes the money, only releasing it when the task has been marked completed by the person setting the task.
  • There is a good dispute resolution system too (although it’s slow)
Real Results?
Between you, me and the lamp post – the only realistic ‘opportunities’ on Airtasker are for local handyman or cleaning jobs helping out people who have no handyman/clleaning skills or they have physical challenges that mean they need help.For example; I helped a lady with a broken leg to fix her bed and her grandmother’s chair as she was tearing up her house with her new crutches.
I also enjoyed helping a lady in Melbourne who needed me to take her sister medicine here in Sydney because she had just moved here and had no friends or family to do something we all take for granted.

So Airtasker paid for the petrol and it was a good feeling helping people, I did it on the weekends so my kids loved being involved in the community…
I’ll probably keep myself active there to see if things change and report back if they do and I get the excuse to use powertools on weekends, so what’s not to love?!

BUT I would not use it to find new clients on a regular basis as most are looking for bargain basement services. If you’re an electrician, expect people to underestimate the work involved and to be beaten down on price by an amateur who may not even have a license!I also wouldn’t use it looking for specialist assistance as there are a HUGE number of offshore individuals posing as locals – their English is poor and it’s obvious to me they have no local knowledge. Yet because the online profile is not allowed any links, buyers naturally trust the pretty pictures in there.

–Worthy of note, if someone wanted to be sneaky, they could easily get 5 friends to take on $5 tasks and say they were completed in order to get their rating up and upload images saying they are successful websites or graphic design jobs, etc. and you have no way to know!–
That’s $25 which you get back apart from the $3.75 in AirTasker fees to get 5 5 star reviews and be above all the others on your FIRST day! Imagine a house full of overseas students and you can imagine why they see $$ before their eyes!
Another point is that I’ve had 4 rescue jobs come in via the 1300 number in the last 2 weeks, each an AirTasker “Build-my-website-for-$400” disaster that goes beyond what the AirTasker ‘insurance’ covers. i.e. they have no realistic recourse. I should say thanks for the work but I’d MUCH rather the job was done right the first time! I prefer working with people to help them make money, not rebuild broken websites!
Facebook ads, combined with Google Ads and Gumtree is the best of the bunch for small business results this year, nothing comes close but but but you need to test each one and if you’re lost then hire a specialist marketer. Yes we do that more and more here at iLoveSimple but I encourage you to shop around so you can see the money we save you rather than take my word for it.
Next time – making SERIOUS money overseas!

– Cheers, Trent

So did you find my in-the-trenches test helpful?

As always, let us know if you need help with any of the suggestions above and all the best for the next financial year!

Thanks for your support this year, I hope we’ve made your business life a little simpler.

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