Android or iPhone? iPad or Tablet?

Too many choices? Stop. Breathe. Read. We’ll make it simple

Business or pleasure?

This used to be the simple question – if you wanted to have fun and use Facebook, you purchased and iPhone, but as more business Apps become available, the lines between them are blurring…[frame title=”” href=”″ src=”” width=”262″ height=”420″ type=”left” target=”_blank”]
So which one is right for you?

The short version is that you need to look at what you need your phone to do… The more complicated tasks it has, then you might need to look towards

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One thought on “Smart Phones and Tablets – what to choose?

  1. I have both phones and I just forgot to use my iPhone after getting a Samsung Galaxy through work! Camera is better and it links with the work calendars so much better!

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