The Next Big Idea Winner – March 2014 needs your help!

The Next Big Idea

Winner needs your help! The March Winner of The Next Big Idea, Paul Sneeep from Victoria, is almost finished developing his next big idea – BUT he needs your help!

But he got stumped on the domain name to use so I told him to not stress and try asking the wonderful people that follow me on Facebook to help out.

So come on gang! Click on the answer of your choice in the poll and let’s give this great idea a NAME!

iLoveSimple newsletter – turn $1000 into $80,000?? – Jan 2014

Welcome to 2014! The first 30 months of iLoveSimple have ticked over and the new format newsletter is going to shock some people.


Bad luck.

Why? Because the feedback I’ve been getting is that you prefer it when I don’t hold back. If something’s stupid, you want me to say it’s stupid – which is actually closer to me in the flesh. I guess I enter polite-mode when I’m writing newsletters because when I’m writing a book, editors get nervous when I put too much character in there – but you asked for it, so here it is!
Cue evil laughter…
So what can

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Create an App – golden rules!

But Trent! I can’t write an App – Apps cost too much to build – I don’t know what to make….

If you have money right now in an interest bearing account or Term Deposit – you’re getting what? 4%? 5%? Now if you put $2000-5000 into a professional app, the average return would be 150% within 18months and that’s just if your idea is average….​

BUT just use common sense before you run off to make an App. Make sure to remember the main focus my team and I have when we make anything…

See a need, fill a need.​

 It’s really that

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June Newsletter 2013

The secret sauce to making ANY advertising agency sit up and take notice

Is your website earning its keep?

Last month we talked about making facebook work for you in conjunction with your website and this month I want to talk about the SIMPLEST way to make ad agencies like Yellow Pages (Sensis) and other traditional agencies cringe…


Because this simple method forces them to PROVE they are giving what you are paying them for – MEANINGFUL traffic.
(Notice I said MEANINGFUL traffic – this means people that WANT your service are brought to your website – Simple eh?)

Again this technique works simply with

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