We Donated over $20,000 to local businesses

Insightful-and-Inspiring-QuoteFrom pest control companies to a promotional business. From a start-up with just an idea of making clothes available to small people (under size 8) through to someone with 25 years in sales who just wanted a real website…

When we select people we look at those who have had a hard time and we think of it as an investment in our business community.

There is a lot of satisfaction in helping people who make a difference but we can’t do this alone.

I’ve placed a donation link below. If you want

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Stop reading quotes and Start being QUOTABLE

Insightful-and-Inspiring-QuoteSo true – but I think after the last 12 months I’d add something that is the flipside of this for small business owners AND writers.

Ideas mean NOTHING

– I’ll let the shock of that settle in and wait for you to resist biting my head off 😉

…Someone else invented the computer before IBM; someone else invented phones before Apple and Samsung.

All that matters is applying yourself to DO it.

Stop THINKING about it.

Build your plan then BUILD your dream