We Donated over $20,000 to local businesses

Insightful-and-Inspiring-QuoteFrom pest control companies to a promotional business. From a start-up with just an idea of making clothes available to small people (under size 8) through to someone with 25 years in sales who just wanted a real website…

When we select people we look at those who have had a hard time and we think of it as an investment in our business community.

There is a lot of satisfaction in helping people who make a difference but we can’t do this alone.

I’ve placed a donation link below. If you want

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Stop reading quotes and Start being QUOTABLE

Insightful-and-Inspiring-QuoteSo true – but I think after the last 12 months I’d add something that is the flipside of this for small business owners AND writers.

Ideas mean NOTHING

– I’ll let the shock of that settle in and wait for you to resist biting my head off 😉

…Someone else invented the computer before IBM; someone else invented phones before Apple and Samsung.

All that matters is applying yourself to DO it.

Stop THINKING about it.

Build your plan then BUILD your dream

The Next Big Idea Winner – March 2014 needs your help!

The Next Big Idea

Winner needs your help! The March Winner of The Next Big Idea, Paul Sneeep from Victoria, is almost finished developing his next big idea – BUT he needs your help!

But he got stumped on the domain name to use so I told him to not stress and try asking the wonderful people that follow me on Facebook to help out.

So come on gang! Click on the answer of your choice in the poll and let’s give this great idea a NAME!