This is an urgent notice to all iLoveSimple clients and contacts.

If you are in the habit of using the same passwords in multiple websites, change them TODAY. Whether it’s for accessing your emails via a website like Hotmail or Gmail, Internet Banking or Facebook – if you use the same password in multiple places, you should change them.

This is not a fire-drill.

In case you are not familiar with the problem caused by the Cloudbleed bug, which involves Cloudflare, I felt it imperative that I let everyone know that given 4.2 million websites have potentially had private information and sessions leaked (including emails and password details) you should change your passwords right now.

I’m not being alarmist – this is 4.2 MILLION websites. All it takes is you having an account on one and if you use the same password there, you could be compromised.

Please be assured that none of our servers use the Cloudflare technology.

Who is Cloudflare? They provide services to help websites manage large loads. They announced there was a bug and onceI saw some of the big names using their software and the potential leaks I knew I had to send this email!

While your accounts with us are secure because we don’t use their service, all it takes is for you to use the same password with us as you do somewhere else and you could be compromised. Especially if you use the same email and password combination.

Remember – make sure your passwords are EASY to remember and HARD to guess.

Do NOT leave them on a post-it note on your computer!
(don’t get me started on this one)

Use numbers to replace a certain vowel and make use of characters like ^ or # or !

e.g. mydogsnameisfido could be:

Mikebignose could be:

DON’T Use your kid’s or pet’s name OR your birthday!

We will keep you informed on this issue and tomorrow there will be a special edition of the Newsletter answering some very common Mobile App, Scam and security questions that have been coming up a lot already this year. Especially the changes needed to update your mobile apps for Android Nugat and Apple iOS 10.3.

Stop reading and change those passwords!

Trent Hayes

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